OLIVE JAPAN 2019 Tombstone Trophy(For overseas shipment)

販売価格 25,300円
在庫数 売切れ中

OLIVE JAPAN 2019 Tombstone Trophy(For overseas shipment)
Size 140mm x 130mm (weight is the main body 985g)
  Trophy price (same amount for gold and silver)   Price (same price for GOLD and SILVER)     Overseas shipping: JPY 24,840 yen (Tax and shipping freight included)i.e. No Volume discounts.   Approximately US$222 per piece ,Euro 196 per piece   (as of Apr 18,2019 02:20 UTC)
■Detailed description

OLIVE JAPAN 2019 Commissioned by the International Olive Oil Contest Office

Masami Metal Craft Co., Ltd. accepts orders for trophy production from all of you.

■ how to order
At the time of purchase, enter the company name and the entry number (the number displayed as "OSAJ-20190xxx" in the email entitled "Competition Entry Confirmation" sent from the secretariat at the time of contest entry) by e-mail. please
If you do not enter, please note that we can not accept your order.
The producer name (exhibitor name), product name, etc. will be displayed as they are registered in the contest. (As indicated on the certificate, etc. In principle, it can not be changed.)
  • Enter company name and entry number by email

  • ■Notes on delivery and payment
    ※Please select a courier service【 宅急便 】 ※Payment is by credit card only




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